Wed. May 18th, 2022

Anchored backlinks are the cornerstone to any off page search engine optimization campaign. To a search engine, the number of anchored backlinks pointing back to a website serves as a measure of the quality of the site. So essentially, all you need are backlinks and you are quite sure to rank well in the engines.

While there are many ways to get backlinks, I categorize below a few of the more common ways that a webmaster can use to get links back to his site or blog:

Anchored Backlinks Between Your Own Websites

You can accomplish by starting a few websites and blogs. Let’s say that you focus on chairs. You can have a main website about the chairs that you sell. Then you can have a blog that carries news about anything related to chairs, and another website about the manufacture of chairs. You can have an article in Squidoo about how to select the right chair, and … you get the picture. You can then have backlinks between all the sites, or you can have them all go to your main website.

Posting Your Own Anchored Backlink On Other Websites

There are many places on the Internet where you can add a backlink to your own website or blog. One of the places would be forums, where you can normally include your link in your signature. Another place would be blogs, where you can insert a link to your website when you post a comment. Web directories would also be a good place to get a backlink to your website. But before including your link, do be mindful of what is allowed, and don’t contribute to the spam that is so prevalent on the net nowadays.

Getting Another Webmaster To Include Your Backlink

This technique is all about asking other webmasters to link back to your website. Of the 3 techniques, this one is the most time consuming but will pay rich dividends as this type of links are considered to be of a higher quality by the search engines. 백링크

I have listed below a few standard ways of getting a webmaster to place a backlink to your website. Do remember that these are just the basic ways. There are really a thousand and one ways on how to go about getting the links and you are limited only by your own imagination.


  • Link Exchange. This technique has probably been around for as long as there have been webmasters wanting to promote their sites. Links are exchanged between the link directories or the home pages of the sites involved in the exchange.
  • Linkbaiting. In spite of the name, linkbaiting is a legitimate SEO technique for creating quality anchored backlinks to your website. The idea is to come up with content so good that you don’t even have to ask for a link. The webmasters will automatically link to you because it is in their interest to do so. Content that is humorous, controversial or downright weird would normally work well.
  • Offer A Free Gift. Everybody loves a free gift. Make sure the gift is something good and useful, and then offer a free download of the gift from your website. In return, ask that the webmaster provide a backlink to your website. In addition, you can also include some links to your site in the free gift.


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