Wed. May 18th, 2022

Would you like to protect your family from food poisoning? Are you aware of the factors that can cause food poisoning?

Food poisoning is a common problem that many of us have heard of but oftentimes we take it for granted until it actually happens to us or to any of our family member. Generally speaking, food poisoning is caused by intake of food or drink that is contaminated by chemicals, bacteria, viruses or parasites. Foods that are easily contaminated include poultry foods, eggs and raw shellfish.

A lot of factors and occurrences can cause food processing. It can start from food processing then food preparation and food storage. At home, we can avoid food poisoning from happening by following these simple tips below.

– While buying grocery items, check the expiration date of an item before purchasing it. Food items should also be separated in grocery bags according to what kind of items they are.

– When buying vegetables and fruits, always wash them to remove chemicals and fertilizers that might have been used in food growing. Chemicals and fertilizers are known to contribute in food contamination.

– Store meat products like chicken and pork to avoid bacteria and parasites from traveling or coming into contact with the food. Upon arriving home, wash then store them immediately inside the freezer. Never leave them in your kitchen sink for even an hour. Bacteria can easily transfer to these meat products especially through insects and animals that might go near the poultry. russian food store

– Proper food storage and handling is also very important. Make sure to store food items separately. Say for example for fruits and vegetables, keep them away from poultry products and store them in a cool, dry place to avoid transferring of harmful food contaminants.

– In handling meat products or preparing meat for cooking, you should clean the kitchen right after you’re done preparing the food. There are natural bacteria inside the animals and these can be transferred to other food items if you place them near the meat.

– During food preparation, you should use a separate chopping board for the meat and other ingredients. Never use a chopping board that you have already used in cutting meat to slice veggies or other food items. This can prevent cross contamination of bacteria.

– Food contamination caused by bacteria occurs faster during warm days so make sure to store and never leave any food on your table. Store them inside the refrigerator or consume them immediately.

– Wash your hands before and after cooking. Sanitize the kitchen area and clean the utensils used during food preparation. This can eliminate the bacteria like e-coli and salmonella that might be attached to your utensils and cooking area.

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